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3 Nov

The day’s run together here. Truthfully we stay to rest up for future adventures. The weather wears me down. I enjoy our cooking much more than the Malaysian cuisine. They use too much dried fish and fish paste for me. I prefer the subtle spicing of Thai food. I did find some pad Thai the other day though, about four miles away across to Pangkor Island to Pangkor Town, sometimes called Pangkor City. It costs a dollar for what in Oregon would be $7 or $8. 

It was great to get away to a slightly more refreshing weather. 


Retire and Travel Now

24 Jun

Do you want to get out of the grind? Would you like to live on $500 a month while you see fabulous new places? I want to show you an easy way to find a place you can afford. Now if you are 62 and getting social security, you can start now. If not, I can show you how th handicap the horses with my foolproof system.

I love adventure. I’ve always been that way. When I graduated from college with my teaching credential, all I wanted to do was write. I had to make money, so I went to Australia and taught English for two years. Then the real fun started. I traveled through Southeast Asia on $2000 for 9 months. This amazed and excited me. Since then I’ve had hope for a future filled with travel.

I came home to the United States, worked, had two wonderful sons, and worked, wrote, and started preparing for going again.

Then it occured to me that many people might enjoy the traveling lifestyle and just might not know how possible it is to take off and go, travel to exotic places, see what the world has to offer.

If you are interested in knowing how to go about finding out the best affordable places to go, I have written an ebook to help you know where to go and how to find the most affordable places using my secret formula. It’s only $9.99 my easy to follow e-book. That’s half price for now.

If you have more expensive tastes, you may want to get my e-book on handicapping the horse races. I learned how to win by an expert who wishes to be anonymous. I’ll blog more on that later.

When you are interested, email me at