I’m K. Gillett. Since 1960 my yearning for travel has let me to teach in Australia, go overland, the exceptions being a yacht from Cairns, Australia to Bali Indonesia, stopping to see many Islands, mainly deserted, along the way, as well as three inhabited: Thursday Island, Australia and Portuguese Timor. I also took a flight into Calcutta, India and Kathmandu,Nepal. Otherwise I traveled by buses, trains, moped, beemo, rickshaw, truck, and a tramp steamer to Singapour. My
favorites? Yachts and trains.

Do I ever have stories to tell
YOU! Some seem so hilarious in hindsight; I do believe that you will enjoy, hopefully as much as I love telling these true stories, as true as I can recall.

After five years on the road, I returned to the States, so happy to see the American flag. Eight years later I left for parts unknown to me, Nice, France, and Tunis, Tunisia. Last year I visited Spain and Morocco. The travel bug never leaves me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy as I prepare to roam the world again.

Where will I go? Stay tuned and I’ll lead you through the process.

Happy Travels, My Friends!


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  1. Runningwater Rollin May 3, 2016 at 2:26 pm #

    good job kay!

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