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25 Jun

This month brought many surprises to our lives. We had to renew our visas for Cambodia. Our first month we spent in Phnom Penh. We were able to renew our visas by simply paying $50 each. Now we are in Sihanoukville Cambodia. We found a room about 1/2 mile from the ocean. It’s on the Gulf of Thailand, so the waves aren’t large but still give the feeling freshness that only the ocean can give. We had to leave the country in order to stay a third month in Cambodia.
We had a choice of three countries where we could travel by land in order to renew our visas. We could have gone to Laos or Thailand or Vietnam. We chose Vietnam since it was only $12 to get there. So we went to Ho Chi Minh City. It was a very interesting experience. The people seemed very disciplined there and clean. They were very friendly as well and helpful. When we came back to Sihanoukville my husband found a job. I’ve really been enjoying being on our honeymoon, but it’s time for me to catch up to myself and write down or thoughts on traveling.
Our dreams of meeting travelers from all over the world came true. In our hotel alone, Victory Beach, we sit and talk with Russian, French, Italian, and Cambodian people. My French improves a bit daily as far as understanding spoken French. I’m still too shy to use it now myself. But I enjoy that my husband speaks German, Italian, French, Spanish, some Flemish, English and Arabic, as well as his first language, Berber. I love that he has a French Moroccan accent. What is difficult is that every time a woman sees him she seems to want to touch him. I’m beginning to get used to his rock star quality that shines from him. I honestly think some people think he’s Jimi Hendrix’s son or something. Actually, many people believe that he’s MY son. 
When we traveled to Phnom Penh we rode on a normal bus. However, when we got on the bus in Phnom Penh, people each had their own sleeping compartments along with pillows and soft cozy fleece blankets. While I was able to stretch out totally with room to spare, my husband had to be in a bit of a twisted position for probably seven or eight hours. We had to wait at the border for it to open at 8 AM. The driver slept from about 5 AM to 8 AM. Altogether the six hour trip took 12 hours. 
After resting up for a night we decided to go out the next day and evening to the Sheraton to the 23rd floor to look at the gorgeous view we had read about. Saigon, now Ho Chi Minh City, looked so big and beautiful from high up.
We had a romantic ride using Uber. For about $2 we went maybe ten kilometers!
After our mini trip to renew our visas we felt happy to be home in Cambodia again. After all, we live by the best ice cream at Pat’s Restaurant. It’s out front from the Chandra Mealy Guesthouse. And just down the street we have wonderful French breakfasts at Tutti Fruitis and fabulous Italian food at Raphael’s tavern. It’s all in the Victoria Hill area. 

1 Jun