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18 May

Suddenly I feel as if we have come back home in a way. We are now near the beach in Sihanoukville Cambodia. 

From the common area balcony we view the Gulf of Thailand. The sea air cools the city to about 7-10 degrees cooler than Phnom Penh. Here also we can leave our hotel without several tuk tuk drivers yelling to us. The city houses about the same population as Eugene. I think the other reason Cambodia seems like home comes from the restaurants with menus combining the East and West. I always feel best staring my day with an American or Australian breakfast! Today, for example, I had a delicious vegetable omelette and assorted fruits, banana, mango, Papaya, watermelon and a magenta fruit with tiny black seeds, (dragon fruit).

It’s been so fun hearing native English speakers again. I’ve met Australians, Scottish and Irish, as well as British and Americans. It seems that many long time travelers end up here since we can get a long term visas more easily than any country I have visited. I’m continually researching different countries cost-of-living as well as airplane tickets, hotel and apartment costs. 
Normally when I travel I want to see people native to the country exclusively, but having been gone for a year and three months, I really love hearing the American accents again and eating, for example, French toast and American pancakes again, fries covered in cheese, and Mexican food with a banana shake on the side. They also serve hamburgers, hot dogs, fish and chips, coleslaw, roasted chicken, steaks, and, of course, fabulous rice.
I’m amazed that we would have been able to go this long without extra income. It’s pretty crazy that it’s cheaper for the two of us to live in Cambodia than it is for one of us to live in Oregon. If any of you would like to know how we have been on the road for so long with so little money I did write a book to explain how. I will be updating it soon and the updates are free. If you are interested please write me at KGILLETT It’s a little eBook for only US$20. If you mention WordPress I’ll email it to you for $12.99. Just send it using my PayPal link.
Happy Travels!