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13 Mar

Dear Readers, 
I have now spent the last year traveling. More than ever I advise moving around slowly so that your mind and body can catch up to themselves and so that you can save money. This last month taught me this more than ever. However, this isn’t always possible. The reason being that many times a visa is set to only thirty days. Also, sometimes cheap tickets present themselves only once a month. We feel that we must take advantage of that. 
January 25th we left Senggigi Lombok for Hong Kong. First we landed in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia. Next we arrived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Then two hour later we got to our destination. The hotel was an hour away by bus in a very old place called The Chungking Mansion. The building was like a block of indoor shops with mainly Indian food, electronics and luggage. The upstairs, 13 floors, consisted of little hotels with tiny rooms, barely enough room for a bed. After spending two nights there we left on a ferry to Macau. It took about an hour. We enjoyed the magnificent view of the Hongkong skyline. 
Macau surprised me with its immaculate roads and 50 plus casinos mostly larger than Las Vegas. We spent six nights there enjoying the free shuttles which went from casino to casino. We also loved the good food, especially the pizza at Tratorria’s in The Studio City Casino. Then we decided to go to Lamma Island by a very cheap ferry. The Island had no motorized vehicles at all. We met westerners who had lived on the island for years, many with children, in search of a peaceful life, very low crime and no guns. 
The next day we went back to Hongkong, a very expensive city, enjoyed great Indian food, then took off for the Philippines to save money. The price of a cheap meal in Hongkong being $US11, we now enjoy a wonderful Philippine meal for $US2.
We decided to tent by the ocean again. This time we listen to karaoke singing as we fall asleep. I don’t miss the noise of Hongkong. I’m really happy to meet such warm-hearted people here, more like the people of Swisshome, Oregon. 
It’s been an exciting year with many changes and personal growth. I’m hoping that all of my friends and family in the States are doing well. Peace and Love to You. 

Below enjoy pictures of Matabungkay Bataras. 

Then I have samplings from Hongkong and Macau, including pictures inside Wynn Palace in Macau. Amazing design. Check out the life size poster for Gucci handbags. It stood beside a Gucci shop within Steve Wynn’s Palace. 

The pictures about represent a fraction of life in the Philippines at a place called Matabungkay. 
The following pictures show some of Hongkong. 

The Hongkong SkylineThe following pictures show some parts of Macau. Wynn’s Palace Casino in Macau Macau. The Galaxy Casino in MacauA Macau Subway Station. But why take the subway with all of the free comfortable shuttle buses running from casino to casino!The two pictures above and the two. Elow show Hongkong.