20 Jan

Travel Preparations

This month we busily prepare for more travel. We have spent five months adjusting to life together in the “normal” place. it feels like were in America until we walked outside into the intense humidity. We cook and clean together. We have come closer opening up about all sorts of things in order to understand each other better. I’m learning more about the life my husband left behind in Morocco as he learns more about me and my background. We have a deep and compassionate understanding about our differences. I’m continually surprised about our similarities! Some of the dynamics in our family seem remarkably the same. As we become closer, our relationship to each other strengthens as we share our prayers and hopes and dreams. The differences between us make life more interesting; the similarities and differences bring us closer. We feel strongly that God keeps us together. We firmly believe that God brought us together and wants us to stay together. Sometimes we fight, usually a misunderstanding due to English not being my husband’s native language, but so
strongly want to understand each other that we make sure that we do.

We will spend Christmas and New Year’s in Malaysia. Then we will fly to Lompoc Island in Bali
Indonesia. Then we will go to Hong Kong. We will live a ferry ride away from an island with no cars called Lamma Island. That way we will have less pollution and more peace.

As we plan each leg of our trip we research each of our different visas seeing how much time we have before renewing them, then if we get a free visa or have to go through a consulate and different hoops in order to get one. Then we research how much the flights are and where they land in case we have to get another visa or a transit visa in order to get to the place we want to go. Then we have to find out if that place requires onward tickets. This all takes a lot of planning and budgeting which has made us real partners with everything that this involves. 

Please follow me on Twitter under @Kaytravel. I post quite a few pictures there. Hope to see you all soon on the net. Please let me know if you’re from the Swisshome area. 

Happy Travels

Lumut Perack Malaysia


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