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21 Nov

Traveling slowly I enjoy life so much more. I feel as if I am catching up to myself. I feel less culture shock as well. In Morocco I began to feel at home, especially in more cosmopolitan Tangier. Next I went to Turkey. The modern aspect of the newest parts of the city stunned me. I barely missed two terrorist attacks the day before I arrived and a week after I left. They happened exactly places where I had been. Then I went to Jakarta by way of Saudi Arabia. I had felt afraid to go there. I had to stay in a large crowded room with others transiting Saudi. Women went through a private room where many had to remove their scarves. Many were frisked. The women smiled at me fleetingly, not in a rude way, but more like a “We’re in this together” way. The stop was to be four hours which turned into six. People charged their phones when places opened up at the one charging station. People showed nervousness. Finally our plane came and we all felt as though we had arrived. Beautiful gracious men and women served us. On our fifteen hour flight we had really tasty western food. Everytime I even thought of food we received another meal. We had three meals and a picnic lunch to go. I’m not kidding. Saudi Airlines is the way to go. The flight attendants kept us in luxury even though this was an economy flight, even giving us socks, a sleep mask in satin, and a toothbrush with paste. Of course we had movies as well, new great movies. I honestly have never been on a flight where I didn’t want to get off. But we did. My husband and I proceeded on to Jakarta for a week, then on to our destination, Kuta Beach, Bali outside of Denpasar. This place, having been like a zen Buddhist retreat in the seventies, had become a place where you could barely see the beach for the people. Motorcycle noises filled the air. Modern bar managers called out “happy hour” to passers by. I could walk only a few steps without hearing the words “Do you want a massage?” At least the hotel became my refuge with its tropical grounds and pool. 
I found my real paradise in Malaysia on an island pictured below, Pangkor Island. We actually were the only campers. Camping is free in Malaysia. We stayed 23 days, cooking ALL of our meals on the campfire. We ate rice or noodles always, using spices, eggs, and sweet chili sauce for variety. 
We still live in Malaysia. We chose a wonderful apartment with everything we need, even a washer. 
Well, we are finally able to let the whole trip sink into our beings. We prepare every day for our next adventures.



3 Nov

The day’s run together here. Truthfully we stay to rest up for future adventures. The weather wears me down. I enjoy our cooking much more than the Malaysian cuisine. They use too much dried fish and fish paste for me. I prefer the subtle spicing of Thai food. I did find some pad Thai the other day though, about four miles away across to Pangkor Island to Pangkor Town, sometimes called Pangkor City. It costs a dollar for what in Oregon would be $7 or $8. 

It was great to get away to a slightly more refreshing weather.