21 Jul

After spending 9 nights in Istanbul, my husband and I are on our way to Jakarta. Istanbul both shocked and pleased me with the way it has progressed. The Turkish people showed us lots of good-humored friendliness and hospitality. We still laugh at the sales people who called out, “How may I help you spend your money, Madam.”

Strangely, after landing in Istanbul, we read on the net that the day before we left terrorists had targeted police cars killing 6. So we didn’t do a lot. Rested for our camping inJava. 
Things didn’t go as expected.The last two hours at the airport left me breathless!Just as we checked in we discovered that we both needed an onward ticket to someplace to show that we will travel on and leave Indonesia. So we really had to rush. Luckily Turkey had lots of airlines and some travel agents. The language barrier did exist, but we got through it. After walking about four miles to the airport with luggage, we felt exhausted. Our adrenaline flowed even after we stepped onto the plane from the long hot tunnel as we entered what seemed like a safe zone. I worried that there would be another restriction in Saudi Arabia. It took only three hours on the flight. Saudi Arabia Airlines fed us well. We had a choice of beef, chicken, or fish. We chose beef and received beef stroganoff. Just before we

left they fed us a picnic type of lunch in a box with a plastic bag to carry it. When we landed a bus picked us up, taking us miles past private airplanes and small jets. At the airport officials corralled us to a room where we were asked to go. The situation felt tense. Crowds of people waited an extra hour. 15 hours later we landed in peaceful Java. Got onto the Internet to find that there had been a 6. Something earthquake where we had planned to stay off Bali. Traveling always holds its surprises. 



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