Eating In Morocco

25 May

When you first come to Morocco you will most likely go to the Grand Cafe Central in the middle of the medina in the petit souk. Little shops surround it, a tiny convenience store selling chocolates and nuts, water, and other necessities. Other stores overlook Cafe Central like a shop selling argon oil and offering massages to women on daily tourist buses. Leather and carpet shops also line the little streets, along with brass, copper, and jewelry boutiques. I watch the bustling crowds and enjoy the lack of traffic. I’m losing track of the relaxed days I’ve spent here smelling hashish and spices in the streets. Tonight we enjoy beef livers and a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, purple onions. Traditional bread accompanies every meal. As an American I crave butter with the fresh unpreserved bread. At breakfast that’s always my request. Later in the day I satisfy my palate with olive oil. 

It’s so nice at breakfast having olives and such flavorful olive oil to sprinkle on fried eggs and to sop it up with the bread. which they pan fry, usually small flat rounds a bit like a hamburger bun. Sometimes they’re wheat, sometimes white or with cornbread. 
Tonight we will walk along the the shore and enjoy the sunset. After all, we are honeymooning.  


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