Tales of Tata

18 Mar

Morocco could be said to assault all of the senses, however, I prefer to think of all of the sights, smells, and sounds as music: colorful, sensations of aromas from musky perfumes and spices to urine in the narrow cobblestone alleys. 
Men, women, and children wear every color combinations of orange, green, yellow, red and purples, sometimes all together. 
Many villages miles apart comprise Tata. I live in the middle village. It’s the largest city in Morocco. Some of its villages are 60 miles apart with only sand and mountains between. 
Adorned with sunglasses and hat, I’m experiencing the opposite of Oregon and the shade of the big maple tree in front of my home. I can still hear the sound of the rain and the river. I’m sitting in a coffee shop where almost every one enjoys their little glass of fine expresso, while I have half coffee and half hot water with steamed milk on the side. The slow pace of Tata suits me. The owner charges my IPhone as I write in my notebook. Most people here take advantage of the free wifi in a handful of coffee shops. Most use smart phones. I see the occasional computer. 
For so many years I have driven instead of walked. Here I can go all over the town and really use my legs. Bicycles stand in front of many shops and don’t need locks! Portlanders would be envious. When people return to their bikes, they are still there! Many people use motorbikes. Some, by far a minority, use cars. What I love seeing is the donkeys pulling a flatbed made of wooden planks with a man holding the reigns. 
Last night I had such fresh chicken for dinner. It came from a chicken store. When I went in the clerk held the legs of a chicken, weighing it while it was still alive. I hadn’t tasted such good chicken since I was a child. Eating vegetables without pesticides reminds me of times past as well. 
Life here makes me think about convenience verses inconvenience and its trade offs, living in America verses traveling. Right now I love my traveling life. Enjoy your conveniences and the beautiful refreshing rain in the forest while I experience the wonders of desert living. 


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