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24 Jun

This pleases me so much to help others realize that if they can’t live on their social security here in the US that many places overseas still afford us inexpensive living. Also, for those who want to work overseas, this is a realisty possibility.

Our world economics fluctuates so much that I can not say that this certain country has these exact prices, or that this particular country is always safe. I will tell you how things are now, then give you a sweet secret formula I created to help you find out quickly and easily how much it would cost a frugal person, me, to live in any country you select. Even if you have never worked much with a computer, this simply and easily works. Then you can match your income against that amount.

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Retire and Travel Now

24 Jun

Do you want to get out of the grind? Would you like to live on $500 a month while you see fabulous new places? I want to show you an easy way to find a place you can afford. Now if you are 62 and getting social security, you can start now. If not, I can show you how th handicap the horses with my foolproof system.

I love adventure. I’ve always been that way. When I graduated from college with my teaching credential, all I wanted to do was write. I had to make money, so I went to Australia and taught English for two years. Then the real fun started. I traveled through Southeast Asia on $2000 for 9 months. This amazed and excited me. Since then I’ve had hope for a future filled with travel.

I came home to the United States, worked, had two wonderful sons, and worked, wrote, and started preparing for going again.

Then it occured to me that many people might enjoy the traveling lifestyle and just might not know how possible it is to take off and go, travel to exotic places, see what the world has to offer.

If you are interested in knowing how to go about finding out the best affordable places to go, I have written an ebook to help you know where to go and how to find the most affordable places using my secret formula. It’s only $9.99 my easy to follow e-book. That’s half price for now.

If you have more expensive tastes, you may want to get my e-book on handicapping the horse races. I learned how to win by an expert who wishes to be anonymous. I’ll blog more on that later.

When you are interested, email me at

Spain to Tangier to Fez

24 Jun

Originally I decided to go to Morocco via Spain. I thought it would be nice to see another country since it happens that at that time, in November 2013, I purchased a ticket cheaper than going straight there. Next time I would go straight to Morocco because I would like to see much more and especially the south

As it turned out, one of the most memorable parts of my trip was the most difficult.

I understood from my research that I needed to purchase any train tickets the day before. I had to take the metro across town to the train station. Well, I did get my ticket for the first leg of the journey. It included a bus ride to Algeceria.

I rode the metro back to my hotel which involved several stops. The next day when I went to catch the train, I made sure to get there early, however, when boarding time came, I discovered that I had mistakenly been directed to the wrong gate. It happened that it was on the opposite side from the gate I needed. So I ran with my luggage to catch the train, just in time to see it pull away one minute early!!

This meant I had to stand in two different lines to get a replacement ticket for the next day, since only one train went from Madrid to Algeceria, Spain. Awe, traveling! So I went back to a central metro station close to the train station. I needed to get another hotel. I decided to make things easier on myself since I wasn’t feeling that great, still suffering from jet lag and having eaten something that didn’t agree that well.

It was getting dark out. I’d heard from my friends who had been to Spain that they had been pick-pocketed, there, so I decided to find a hotel sooner than later. After 3 short blocks I happened upon THE CARLTON. Oh my, the elegance of the lobby stunned me. I hadn’t planned on staying in such a fabulous hotel, but the people sitting in the lobby with their laptops and smart phones lured me. I heard English, Farsi, French, German, and , of course, Spanish. I felt welcomed and settled in for the night, having to be at the station around 6 AM. I wished I were staying a week. I enjoyed olives and a beer. Heaven.

I slept well that night, got up and took a taxi to the station. I really pampered myself and wanted to catch the train to Algeceria to catch the bus and ferry to Tangier. I couldn’t wait to see this mystical town.

Well, this time I knew where to go. I also knew where I shouldn’t eat. The beef was off, I’m sure. So I had my miniature cup of coffee and was ready to board. I had heard that 1st class was worth it and just a little more, so I did that.

And yes, indeed it was. I relaxed and began taking movies. I will post some soon. The country side looked different from what I had seen anyplace else. I had traveled by train in Australia, Malaysia, and had even taken the Orient Express from Turkey to Amsterdam, and all had varied scenery. I’d never really seen donkeys out my train window. Also, it seemed that there were very few cars.

I was staying in Maggie’s home. (I discovered later that everyone in the old medina in Tangier knew her.)


14 Jun


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The little winding streets with the cobblestones that gave me traction as I tread up and down the hilly streets of the old medina with its fortress type walls definitely reminded me of sidi boo said near Tunis, Tunesia. I had been to the later in 1984.

The people seemed so carefree here in Tangier. The bustling people went about their business in a caring way, friendly, compassionate. One day a few sprinkled came down. The sun had just fallen beneath the horizon., only a tiny top like. a crescent moon shone. I loved this time of night by far the best. It seemed as if music flowed, then repetitiously syncopated threw an orange misty haze as people sang the call to prayer, or perhaps the call to prayer pulsed through this magical city as the prayer itself.

I spoke enough Farsi to understand maybe every twentieth word of Arabic. So I didn’t really have anyone to ask. I traveled alone at that point. I will save for another time how I got there by subway, train, bus, ferry, then taxi from Spain. I at that point, had had many interchanges in English and Spanish. As I proceeded South to Morocco I began hearing more French and Arabic. Then in Tangier a huge percentage of talented people tried with total patience to understand me. Granted, as a Westerner I suppose they thought I had money to buy their beautiful crafts and foodstuffs. I did care; it just made me feel sort of famous. Also, I felt their caring as rain fell on my feet covered by socks and sandals. One man looked at me and shivered saying something that I knew was, “Your feet must be cold.” In actuality I was fine, just using new muscles and strengthening old
Ones to keep the momentum of my climb, wether up or down hill. I won’t lie, it taxed my stamina. I was so spoiled driving it Oregon. Oh sure, I’d do some hiking. Here though I had a lot I wanted to see, so 5-15 miles a day started building my strengthening muscles. At that point I felt too tired to be cold.

So I slipped into a shop where a sweet old man with only part of his teeth repeated this like a mantra, “you my new best friend; you my new best friend….” And so on he chanted in such a smiling, endearing way that I bout three intricately woven hats too small for my head. I’d find someone to appreciate the uniquely Moroccan patterns.